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Kindness Spoken Here

For over 50 years, the Tab has existed to bless, serve and encourage folks from all over. We believe that allowing the kindness of God to shine through us is our best witness of Jesus Christ to the world. The Tab is for everyone. Whether you’re young or old, healed or hurting, Christian or not, our simple prayer is that you’ll be blessed because you came!


From Generation to Generation

We believe that it is one of our paramount responsibilities is to pass along our faith, values and love onto the next generation, just as the previous generation handed theirs to us. We believe that the most relevant and important thing that we can do in the lives of young people is encourage them towards their developing their own personal trust in the Lord and submission to the Spirit.


A Place for Everyone

It is our simple prayer that you will find the Tab to be a place of welcome
and unusual generosity,
a place like home.