When Jesus walked this earth in physical form, he made it pretty clear that kids are very special in the Kingdom of Heaven. Here at the Tab, we feel the same way. Join us every Sunday as we partner with parents to shape a new generation of Kingdom kids!

Early Childhood

In early childhood, we create a loving environment, where we use simple curriculum that encourages kids to explore who God is through play, make new friends, singing, and hearing simple stories. We love getting to knew each of them.


Elementary is a fun, interactive and inspiring service designed with your 1st – 4th graders in mind. Kids experience worship and teaching from our team of inspiring larger group teachers. Elementary kids also have a chance to connect on a more personal level in smaller groups.

Baby Dedication

What is child dedication and why is it important?

Child Dedication is a public sign that parents are seeking to bring their children up in the ways of Christ, set them apart, and present them to God. By dedicating a child, a parent vows to do all he or she can to nurture a vibrant faith in the life of their child.


What does child dedication look like at The Tab?

Dedication services are a time that become a spiritual milestone in the lives of our families. The Sunday services are designed to involve significant family members or people in the child’s life. At The Tab we actually ask parents to make a commitment. The parents will be asked to reply “We Do”. Parents who make this vow of commitment are encouraged to raise the child in the ways instructed from the scriptures, and not according to their own ways.


Find Out More

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